Feature Tour

BuildBot is jam packed with features to make your website a success.

We have a large theme library for you to choose from

Each theme has been designed by us and tested in order to ensure your customers will easily find the information they are looking for. Every theme conforms to the latest web standards.

Easily Customizable

All themes can easily be customized from your admin panel. You can change the colors of the headers, navigation, text links and buttons to match your brand.

Full Content Management System (CMS)

BuildBot has created a Content Management System specifically for this website builder. You can easily add content, images and videos to all your pages.

100% Responsive

All of the templates have been designed to be responsive i.e they have been optimized for all screen resolutions - Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles.

Pre-Built Modules & Layouts

BuildBot has developed modules and layouts for News, White Papers, Catalogs, Careers and a number of additional sections. The data you fill in automatically adapts to the selected theme. You do not need to drag and drop sections to make them look good.

Add Products Easily

Enter all the information for your products on one simple page. Enter the product name, description, specifications and price. Add them to categories to help your customers find them easily.

Images & Datasheets

You can add multiple images for each product. You can also add datasheets and additional documents for each product.

Optimize SEO for each product

Out system will automatically generate meta tags for your products. However if you want, you can manage them manually. Each product is also automatically added to your sitemap.

Upload in bulk

Upload products in bulk using our import feature. You can add your product data to an excel file and upload it to your site.

Feature Products

You can feature products on your website homepage.

Product Page

Each product has a separate page on your website. From this page users can get products information, download datasheets and documents and request a quotation.

Product Quotations

Quotes and leads can be directed to an eamil address of your choice. They can also be seen in the admin panel.


Built in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is required to ensure good ranking in Google. Every page on your website can be configured with our SEO tools to display the right meta tags. If you do not enter the meta tags, BuildBot does soo automatically.

We also automatically generate a robots.txt file and sitemap files for your website. These can be easily submitted to search engines.

Social Network Integration

social network integration

Post your news and products to your twitter followers. BuildBot connects to your social media accounts and lets you publish content to them right when you add the content to your website.



Enable customers to sign up for your newsletters using a form which shows on your website.

Google Analytics Integration

BuildBot lets you integrate Google Analytics in to your website. This way you can get details on visitors, pageviews, demographics and more.

BuildBot has pre-created pages and modules for your website. All you need to do is fill in the details and the content populates across the selected theme. Its that simple.


Manage content and sections that show on your homepage. You can choose to show featured products, news, events etc.

News & Press Releases

Add news stories and press releases to your website. Add a title, date, author and content or link to a story about your company on another website. You can set a date for future publication.



Upload your product catalogs to your website. You can let users download these or collect user details/mailing information

White Papers & Application Notes

Add white papers, case studies and application notes to your website. You can choose to collect leads on the download of a white paper if you like. This is great for lead generation.

About Us

Add information about your company.


Add your distributors and sales reps to your website. They will be automatically sorted by region.



Add details about team members - Name, designation and a small description. You can even link to their social profiles.


Tell applicants about working at your company. Add jobs - Title, Description, Requirements etc. and manage applications.

Website Search

Rather than building a custom search tool for your website. We thought we will let google do what it does best! BuildBot lets you integrate Google Custom Search in to your website.

Contact Us

Add your contact details, office locations and select if you would like show your location on Google Maps.

Additional Pages

You can add additional pages to your site. A Rich Text Editor lets you add your content and customize the look of the page. You can also easily manage SEO for the pages you add.

Google Analytics Integration

BuildBot lets you integrate Google Analytics in to your website. This way you can get details on visitors, pageviews, demographics and more.

Lead Generation

BuildBot has developed lead generation tools right in to your website. You can collect lead data for product quotations, white paper downloads, contact form submissions, catalog downloads and job applications. This has been built in to BuildBot by default. You can customize the form fields for each type of lead and decide on which fields are required.

The leads generated can be viewed in the Admin Panel - You can sort them by date and download them to excel. They can also be forwarded to an email ID of your choice.

Lead Types:

  • Product Quotations
  • White Paper Downloads
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Catalog Downloads
  • Job Applications

Built for Traffic

BuildBot is hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud which is known to be the most reliable hosting platform in the world.

With an uptime of over 99.95%, your site will never go down. AWS is used by companies like Dropbox, Spotify, Netflix, Yelp and many more.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN's)

Content Delivery Networks store all your images and static files at servers located all over the world. When a user access your website, these files are accessed from the location that is closest to the user. This enures your site loads fast for users from all geographic locations.

Monitoring Around the Clock

Out team monitors the platform round the clock. You can be sure that if we see a problem, we will spot it and fix it!

We are dedicated to ensuring the security and integrity of our ecommerce platform, keeping it safe for you and your customers.

Your website is Protected

The BuildBot admin panel is protected with strong encryption.

Automatic Backups

You dont have to worry about losing your data. Your website is automatically backed up on BuildBot. Should a failure occur, you can be assured that all your data will be restored.

Customized Designs

We also have an in-house design team that can produce a design for your website from scratch, exactly how you want it to look. Your website will still operate on the powerful BuildBot Platform, however the design will match your requirement.

How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up for your website on BuildBot.io, you can contact us to let us know that you are interested in developing a customized design. A member from our team will then contact your to start the process.

You’ll be sent a design questionnaire which will ask you a range of questions to help the designer get as much information as possible about the website design you want.

We’ll then integrate your design onto the BuildBot platform. No other company will get access to this design.

How long does it take?

On average the design process takes between 5 - 6 weeks to complete. Our designers will work with you on your design with as many changes as you like until you are happy with it.