What Features Should a Manufacturers Website Have?

A website has become a major requirement for industrial & manufacturing companies. It is how new customers find companies online. Your website is no longer visited by people who are just looking for your contact information. Users now expect to see much more - Product Catalogs, Product Specifications, Supporting Material, Events, Distributors and more.  

Why do I need to update my website if I already have one?

There are two kinds of visitors who will visit your website and their objectives are very different. 

The first will be a new user, one who has not heard of your company and who found it online, using a search engine or a directory. This user wants to know more about your company - Who you are, what products you make, who your clients are, where you are located and anything else that can help them learn more about your company. If they are satisfied with this information they will want to look at your product catalog to see if you have what they want. In case they find a product they are interested in they will want to request information on it or maybe contact your distributor who serves their region.

The second type of visitor to your website will be an existing client. This client alreay knows who are you and what you do. When they visit your website, it is to browse your product catalog to see if they can find a product that you make. They could also be looking for supporting documents on a product they already have. Or they, they may want to see if you have any new products. If they are an existing client, they might want to know which events you will be visiting, so they can set up a meeting.

In either case, you need to ensure that your website looks good, has logical navigation, the right content and is easy to use. Studies have shown that a large percentage of internet users will leave a website quickly if it is unappealing, outdated or takes long to load – which can result in you losing a customer.

Here are some basic features your website must have to give users a great experience. These will not only keep users on your website for longer but will also help convert them into clients: 

Professional design and theme:  The look and feel of your website needs to be consistent with the general look and feel of your brand – especially if your brand is already known. Keeping your website consistent with your corporate identity (colours, style, logos and so on) will instil trust in your customers and make them feel more familiar with your brand.

Responsive design: Your website must work well on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. According to recent stats over 30% of industrial buyers search for information on their phones. You can not afford to miss out on users who are looking for information on their phone. They must be able to access key functionality of your website from their mobile device.

Complete Product information: Your clients should be able to browse your complete product catalog and see details for each product with product descriptions, images, specifications, supporting documents, white papers, application notes and videos.

New Products & News: Customers often visit your website to see what is new. You must have a section that showcases your new products. This is a great way to show customers that you are constantly developing new products. An updated news section on your website would also a must.

Search Capability on the website: Your website must have a search bar that enables users to find products or information on your website easily. Many websites do not offer this which makes finding products and information challenging for users.

Let your clients request a Quote. What if a user found the desired product on your website, so what next? You must include a quotation system that lets users request a quotation or information for any product on your website.

Distributors & Sales Representatives: When you deal with customers from all over the world, you typically have a list of distributors or sales representatives for different geographical regions. This information must be listed and easy to find on your website, so users can get in touch with the appropriate contact to buy your products.

Tradeshows or Conferences: Every industrial company visits or participates in industry tradeshows to promote their products, meet new clients or network with existing clients. Adding these events to your website tells customers where they can meet you.

Careers Section: You must include a careers section on your where you can list jobs and let candidates apply for them.

Fast, secure and always online: Your website should act as an employee who is there to serve your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days. It should be the first line of communication between you and potential customers. For this you must ensure that your website is hosted with a reliable hosting provider who can ensure that it is fast and always online.

Let your Clients know where they can reach you. Add your office locations, a map which can help clients find you and a contact form that lets them get in touch with you in case they have a question.

Other Useful Pages. You should create a number of other pages which show customers who your team is, what quality standards you follow, give them the option to download your product catalog and any other information that you would tell a customer in person when you meet them. You website must contain all the information that you would tell a new cleint when you meet them.

Walt Disney said it best, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Creating love between your company and your customers can help scale positive word of mouth that’s absolutely priceless.

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